Monday, September 20, 2010

Nothing's like that!

Oh, had it been ages since the last time I posted something here? What happened to me? Where was I during those times? Busy, maybe? Or simply, not too inspired to write something or anything that amuses me?

Sometimes, there'll always be times or at some point in your life where you just want to sit still, wait for the rain to drop, the sun to shine, or just go on with your life, thinking about nothing, just getting along with what's happening around.

And when nothing special happens, you'd suddenly ask yourself, why did I waste my time? Shouldn't I be doing the things I love? Shouldn't I be spending more time with the people who care a lot about me than to those I care about, but doesn't care as much? Shouldn't I stop whining about the clogged sink? Shouldn't I wait for that notice to come? Shouldn't I wait for someone still to wake me up in my dreams?

I got so much in my mind, an endless what abouts, what ifs, and whys and sometimes, when I could no longer contain them, I just keep silent, shut myself from the world, switch off my phone and laptop, switch off the light in my room and lock the door.

This is where I find comfort. I pray. I just lie on my bed and pray. I pray that when I get up and go out of my room, my mind is clear to what I'm going to do next then, i fall asleep and dream...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Porterhouse Steak - Well done! at Rap's Steak Haus

Last July 26, Monday, a day after my birthday, I received an email from Tody. He said "Steak tayo". I didn't think twice, I said, "Yes, why not".

We met in LRT, Taft. I was an hour late due to my work sked which I didn't tell Tody in advance that I am to leave the office a little late than usual. We are supposed to met there at 6:30pm but I arrived at 7:30pm. Of course, I need to go back to my apartment to change my outfit. I always wanted to wear something special when I'm with him whatever the occasion especially it's my post birthday celebration.

After a few minutes spent in the train, we arrived in Vito Cruz. A little crowded with a few students from La Salle, we found our way to Rap's Steak house. The resto's ambience is simple, the tables and chairs seemed old already and kinda overused. Most of the customers were students or office employees around the area.

We took our seat, I preferred to be seated near an aircon or a fan. I just don't want to get sweaty while eating. Just want to be comfortable so I would enjoy my meal. The waiter came over our table and asked for our order. I let Tody order for us, he knows which steak is better. So, he ordered Porterhouse Steak, Well done!

After almost 15 minutes, finally our orders were served! I was surprised. I thought the steak's size would only be a little slice like Salisbury steak in Red Ribbon. This was my first time to eat at a steak house that serves really good steak that will satisfy your palate at a very affordable price!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recipe: buffalo wings

The first time I tasted the buffalo wings of Shakeys, I just can't help but try to cook the same at home. Tody and I bought 4pcs of chicken wings from Monterey near his apartment. I told him, I'm going to cook it like the one we ate in Shakey's.

So, I began preparing the ingredients, salt, pepper, flour, hot sauce. Then, after almost an hour, we ate my own version of buffalo wings. The first things was, it didn't tastes like Shakey's! Ha!ha! It's bland! Not as tasty as I want it to be. It lacks salt and chili powder...I'm kinda disappointed with my first time to cook this recipe. We still ate the 4 pieces of buffalo wings though and told myself I'll do better next time.

After a week, I cooked buffalo wings again and this time I could say it's perfect, although not exactly like Shakey's version, still it tastes great, not too little or too much salt. I added cayenne powder in my ingredients and changed the Jufran hot sauce to Mama Sita's and Tody said, it tastes good!

Now, I've learned, I shall not give up especially in cooking tasty food and I shall not be contented eating bland recipes.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Hate" the way you lie

The Top 1 billboard song today is "Love the way you lie" by Eminem and Rihanna. My first reaction was "what the hell?". Why would you love someone by the way they lie? I guess those who are so martyr in love would love the song! So, I downloaded the song and listened to it before I'll begin to speculate and get irate.

The song is quite good enough to listen to, the beat, the lyrics and their voices are good. After listening to it over and over again, I'm now beginning to love the song, maybe that I'm one of those martyrs in love too! Ha!ha!ha!

It really felt bad when the one you love lies to you. What else can you do when you really love him/her? Just watch him and let him lie to you over and over again would you? No way! You can let him/her lie once but not twice. Just wake up! Pack your things and leave! It will hurt as hell but you will save yourself from hurting more.

Well, that's just the best thing to do right? Of course, a lot would agree but still some would not. We all lie anyway, but whatever the reason why we lie, still it's best to tell the truth. You'll free yourself from guilt. But then, there are lies that we have to keep to ourselves so not to hurt the ones we love, just those white lies of course, what are you guys thinking? I still believe in this saying "Walang lihim na hindi nabubunyag!".

Friday, July 2, 2010

I wanna go out of town!

After our recent trip in Boracay and Bohol, I feel like going out of town again! This time, i wanna go to a place where I can enjoy nature, smell fresh air, bathe in waterfalls, where I could shout out loud and no one would even ever care. A picturesque landscape! A place where I can wear a scarf around my neck, a boots, a brown boots to be specific, the one I've worn way back in college, wear a dress down to my ankle, no not a tube dress! maybe an off-shoulder dress so I could show off my not so broad shoulder matched with a white brim hat! Perfect!

Still thinking, whom should i go out of town with? With my one and only son? my best bud? my beau? my mom? my dad? with a stranger? Absolutely not! I haven't had that figured out yet.

But once I get the chance to go out of town again, I would definitely spend it with someone who shares the same passion and adventure!

Friday, March 5, 2010

On giving a chance (Part II) - Falling in Love...

Last January 3, we met finally. I was so excited to see him again after almost a month of just texting and calling. It was mixed emotions actually, i was nervous, walking back and forth in our living room and then suddenly, someone knocked on the door, opened it and there he is, standing in front of me! The guy I met almost a year ago, the guy who won my heart inspite of all the facts i presented him. That was the start of my new found love.

They say, true love comes not just once in a lifetime. But what I believe in is that, love comes in, when you welcome it in your life. They say, you can't give love, if you don't have love in you. That's true. Need I say more?

Right now, i'm happy being with him. He makes me smile, let me be myself when i'm with him, he understands me, and he's a sweet person. How can I not fall in love with him? How can I not be sure he's the one i'm looking for?

We all know, once you get ouf of your room, you'll see someone else, someone who is better, someone who is more handsome/beautiful, someone who is more understanding, someone who is more sweeter, etc., etc., etc. Would you always welcome in your life that someone better than who you are already with? I've heard this question once in a late night radio program and was moved by it. He's right, if we won't be contented with the one we choose to be with, we can never be happy, if we keep on looking on that someone, we might be loosing the one whom we truly love.

Being in a relationship is a great experience, we learn a lot from the other person at the same time we learn to know more about ourselves. And right now, i'm happy to know that this person i'm with knows how to bring out the best in me and in return he has my love, faithfulness and full support in all his endeavors in life...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Friendship Turned Sour...

"Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure"
--Jewish Saying

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend."

-- Albert Camus

Friendship quotes... Much have been heard and said about friendship. But what is the real essence of being a friend?

What usually comes to my mind when asked to define this word is that, a friend is someone you can easily talk to about anything, unbiased, a friend stays thru thick and thin, someone I trust and who trusts me in return.

But what happens when it turns sour? To the point where you just don't want to be friends anymore?

Sometimes little misunderstandings not solved immediately usually lead to bigger problems. And when pride sets in, parties involved would rather wait who would approach who first, even if both knows who have erred.

Sometimes dishonesty plays a part, or the people involved discover that they don't have the same interests or goals, or whatever they thought brought them together in the first place. It isn't always a case of betrayal or cheating or loss, although those things are sometimes the reason. It can be simply a lack of common ground.

We all experience this once or many times in our lives. One good thing about this not so good experience is that, it makes us more stronger and wiser in choosing the next person to be our friend and treasuring those who have been good and faithful to us.